PCT Day 7

Tent site mile 94.4 – Tent site 114.9 – Hiked 20.5 miles/33 km

PCT day 7 video update

Started at 7. Hiked down from the mountain to the beautiful fields and hills just before eagle rock. Passed the 100 mile marker.

100 mile marker
Silver and Buddy

Arrived at Eagle Rock where I received trail magic for the first time on the PCT, from trail angel Hamburger Helper and his friends. I had root beer, coke, strawberries and tangerines. It was a real treat.

Trail magic at eagle rock

Continued on to hike to Warner Springs. When arriving, I hitched with Tochi to the Post Office where I got my package of food. Now I have to much food, so I had to repack and send some food on to Idyllwild.

2footadventures outfitters at Warner Springs

I walked back to the Warner Springs resources center, got some information from a nice lady, signed the register, bought a few things and did some internet. I decided to continue on and camp out in the wild.

I reached the Tentsite at 18:30. A very nice spot by a creek with lots of water. Made a very good dinner. Red lentils with vegetables and cream. Recipe from Barbara ūüôā ‚̧


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