B1/B2 Visa application approved today!

I have decided to start writing the blog in English. I have included the google translate below so it should be easy to read fairly well in any language 🙂

Today was a very sunny and nice morning in Stockholm. The city showed its best side, water and sunshine. I went to the US embassy by foot I had an interview appointment at 9:30 PM. When I arrived at the embassy entrance it was about 30 people inline. A US embassy guard asked if anybody had a laptop. I said yes and he told me I couldn’t bring it in and the option I had was to leave it at the church across the street. I left the que to leave my laptop at the church. They wanted 30kr to store it. So good business for the church by the embassy!

Went back to the line and it took more than 30 minutes to get inside. On the inside there was a 45 minute wait until I was called in for interview. The first person to interview me was a Swedish man who asked me why I was applying. I told him about the PCT and he wanted to know more. I told him about the PCT permit and that the hike is getting more popular each year. He had understood that on the increase in Visa applications. We made some jokes on my passport photo, as I look like a serial killer on it 🙂

I then had to sit and wait again for about 20 minutes to get the message if the Visa is approved or not. My name was called again. I now had to do the 10 finger fingerprint and a woman asked me questions, if it was ok with my job to go (answer that I haven’t told them yet) if it is ok with my wife ( answer yes).

I then got the message that my Visa application is approved!!

This is another step towards the PCT adventure dream! We will see if all the pieces will fall in place so it will become true.

The next step is to get the PCT permit on November 1 and do a lot of research on gear, food etc to learn more on


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