Inspiration from a 2018 PCT thru hiker

Last week I was invited to Jonas who now is back to Sweden, to listen to him present some stories and photos from his recent PCT through hike. He also showed and talked about his gear used. For me my plan to actually hike the PCT in 2019 became more real as I stepped into the room with 10-15 people as audience.
Jonas presented me as ”This is Thomas and he is going to hike the PCT in 2019” . Felt good to hear but made me also a little nervous – Will I actually make this?

Jonas went through his whole hike starting from Campo at the border to Mexico and ending at Manning Park in Canada. He showed pictures and I could get a glimpse of the life on the trail. Hiking the PCT is not only an experience of nature and the wild it is also a social event as it it is getting more popular (50 person/day starts every day in april) When hiking the PCT you will meet many people of different origin, backgrounds and ages. It is going to be fun. I enjoyed all Jonas pictures and description of many odd characters that he met.

Gear – 343

Jonas also talked about gear and the 343  concept developed by Jörgen Johansson. Meaning that the following gear should not add up to more than 3 kg

  1. Shelter (tent, tarp – divide by number of inhabitants!)
  2. Sleeping (sleeping bag/quilt + sleeping pad)
  3. Carrying (backpack)

My notes during the evening

I took some notes. So I could check some things out later

Jonas said that American style of hiking is not as rigid as the swedes do it. It is more kind of  rock n roll. It will suit me fine 🙂

The PCT is divided into section A till L

The Guthooks app is used for map. Works well with a phone in flight mode and a big power bank.

Places of interests

Some places along the trail that Jonas mentioned are as follows:

  • Mount Laguna
  • Mikes place
  • Hiker heaven
  • Muir pass (One of the hardest sections on the trail)
  • Evolution valley
  • Tuolumne Meadows
  • Etna (A very nice town)
  • Steve Potts (A MTB legend)
  • 3 days off in Bend and Portland (Was too nice and comfortable)
  • Timberland lodge
  • Bridge of gods
  • Trout lake


Some gear stuff to check out

  • Gossamer Gear tent (used by Jonas)
  • Gortex socks (Very nice to have when wet)
  • Recommendations for noobs is to hike in light weight boots
  • Recommends a Soto stove
  • Recommendation can be to check out the Merell or Keen boots

Jonas offered me to be his personal Coach. I am very happy for that

Hiking shoes

First thing for me is to sort out what shoes I will go with. I think this will be very important. I want to buy and try some shoes soon. I have always hiked in heavy boots before and I have not have had any problems. But the longest hike so far is maybe 10 days. When reading and watching YouTube, I understand that a majority recommends and hikes the PCT in Trail runners.


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  1. Yep, I only hike in trail runners. This summer I hiked Kungsleden in Altra Lone Peak 3.5 trail runners and I swear by Injinji toe socks. This works for me.


    1. It seams that the Altra Lone peak is the shoe of choice for the majority now. I have newer tried the zero drop. The also have a higher price. I think maybe I will need 4 pairs of trail runners on a through hike. I took a 20 km hike today with my new Salomon. They felt great. I probably will buy som injinji toe socks. I have read that many people are happy with them


      1. When I don’t wear the Injinji toe socks I always seem to get those annoying little blisters under and between my toes. I have used them since the beginning of this year. I absolutely love them.

        The Altras are also nice and wide. There is a lot of room to spread your toes which also helps not get the toe blisters.

        I have also tried a pair of Merrells this year and after one hike I ditched them. But I guess it is each to his or her own. Whatever works.

        Hope you have some luck with the Salomons.


      2. Thanks for input. I have actually never had any problem with my feet I have hiked in army boots and heavy hiking boots. Rubber boots etc. I mostly have used higher ankle light gortex boots here in sweden lateley. But I think I will go with low cut shoes now. The Salomon or the Merrells will work fine for me I belive

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