PCT Day 2 – Lake Morena

Hauser creek – Fred canyon tentsite (32.0) 16,6 miles/26.5 km

Woke up at 3:30 am. Fell asleep again and woke up at 6:00. I decided to not make breakfast and take down camp. Started hiking at around 7. It was a very beautiful morning hiking up the switchbacks to Lake Morena. Eating some snacks along the way. Arrived at the Malt Shop and ordered a egg&cheese sandwich and a milk shake

After eating I starred to hike alone from the malt shop. After about 0,5 mile I realised that I had forgotten my sleeping pad, that stays on top of my pack, at the malt shop. I had to hike back and get it. Doing an extra mile.

When leaving the malt shop again. Claus a young (27) German asked if he could hike out with me. We hiked the whole day together. It probably was not a good idea to keep his pace. We stopped at Kitchen creek. Hiked down to the creek and let our feet soak in the creek for a while. I was very tired when we arrived at Fred Canyon tentsite. The creek by the tent site has a lot of water as all creeks have this year. Usually there is no water in many creeks, but this year has had a lot of rain and snow

I cooked dinner and put up my tent. Went to sleep at 20:00.

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  1. spännande! Du lär aldrig glömma något igen framöver. Här hemma har vi firat Herta. Mysig frukost med alla tjejer och katterna 😻

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